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Have Questions?

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions

Frequently asked questions

No siree. We are committed to making AgriShots the most user-friendly workplace innovation you’ve ever used. So go ahead, put the Billy on and browse away! But be warned: the ever-growing collection of spectacular imagery is mesmerizing.

AgriShots is making top-quality visual content affordable, accessible, and always Australian to bring the realities and positive impact of Australian agriculture into view. Showcasing on-farm activities, people, experiences, landscapes, and lifestyles helps make meaning and connect to build a sustainable future for our rural industries.

You choose how to use your AgriShots - websites, SM, TV commercials, billboards, adverts, signage, reports, presentations, advertising videos … you name it…. you can use it. There are no restrictions on how or where you can use your downloads.

The only hard and fast rules are:

  1. You cannot use your AgriShots in a manner which is derogatory, defamatory, deceptive, or unlawful.
  2. No matter how tempted you are to pass your images onto to other companies or individuals – we get it, Al’s images are iconic - it is not permitted under any circumstances without written permission from Al.

Nope. All AgriShots images and videos can be edited/rebranded and used for life!

No. AgriShots is not about shining a light on Alice and her incredible talent. AgriShots is about you and Australia’s rural industries.

Yes! AgriShots is a ‘by-agriculturalists / for-agriculturalists’ platform designed to bring together the most spectacular and diverse collection of real-life Australian imagery in one easy to access place.  If your company is not yet featured in AgriShots, leverage Al’s nationwide network of open gate relationships to get the images you need.

Yes. All members get worldwide, nonexclusive license to download and use AgriShots. But what are the odds that someone else will use the same image in the same way as you when you have more than 40,000 to choose from?!

Platinum members get exclusive images that will not be added to the library collection.

Yes, memberships can be upgraded at any time. We want all members to get the most from their AgriShots membership. Contact our team or speak with Alice.

For sure! All AgriShots models have signed compulsory talent release permissions to splash their gorgeous faces all over every colourful medium you can think of. Of course, these images cannot be used in a manner which is derogatory, defamatory, deceptive, or unlawful.

The best around. You will always get personalised customer service and genuine customer care from Al herself. Alice works closely with all Premium and Platinum members to get to know your company’s specific photographic needs and visual content goals to make sure you get the AgriShots you need.

Yes. We want you to get the most from your AgriShots membership. So spread the word in-house, that you have 24/7 access to Australia’s most diverse and prolific collection of real-life agricultural content. Login details cannot be shared outside of your organisation without written permission from Al.

If a keyword typed into the search box doesn’t reveal the shot you need, try adding multiple additional keywords. If that doesn’t reveal the gold you are looking for, speak with Al. There is a reason she is known as a tenaciously focused, hardworking, and forward-thinking photographer.

No way. The price of your 12-month membership will not increase as the library grows. You do not need to pay more to access new content as it is added. We will notify you of the latest uploads so that you and your staff can get the most from your membership.

AgriShots is a consolidation of spectacular images and raw videos that nail the brief every time and depict the true personality, heart and scope of rural Australia.

Join the movement helping to raise the standards of the Australian agricultural narrative today!

Use spectacular images RIGHT NOW

  • Personalised customer service and genuine customer care
  • Multiple Membership Options
  • Life-Time Asset Use
  • Regular Additions to the Library
  • Monthly Collection Updates
  • No Photo/Video Credit Required
  • Alter Images and Video to Suit your Needs
  • Add your Logo and Branding
  • Work With Tenaciously Focused, Hardworking, and Forward-Thinking Photographer
  • Use our Creative Team add-on services to make your AgriShots stand out